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table Resten


Product code: D09001-RESTEN-DSO
Available colours: colour

Sonoma oak

Sonoma oak
Product characteristics:
Length: 140-190 cm
Width: 85 cm
Height: 77 cm
Material: mdf 
Shape: prostokątny 
Unfolding possibility: tak 
Number of inserts:
Waga: 44.9 kg

Resten table is great for people looking not only for a functional piece of furniture, but also for something that will make their dining room look great.

Version with large, expanding table top will be great for family and social meetings with large number of people. Minimalistic, massive body and universal colors are of special importance, as they allow you to make the table match your room and your preferences. The unique look is created using a veneer that perfectly imitates the natural wood rings./p>


This table is available in two color options: sonoma oak and wenge.

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