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soup dish and saucer 2 elements Paris


soup dish and saucer 2 elements
Product code: THK-052632
Product characteristics:
Capacitance: 280ml 
Diameter : 16 cm
Material: porcelana 
Waga: 0.4 kg
Paris soup dish - an elegant piece of tableware

Every lady of the house dreams of beautiful porcelain tableware crowned by the Paris soup cup. An elegant pattern on high quality porcelain in a shade of ivory adds charm, allowing this soup dish to present itself perfectly on a table in any living room. An additional advantage of this unusual element of tableware is its timeless shape that matches excellently with the many styles of interiors in which this exceptionally functional accessory is placed. It is worth mentioning that Paris soup dishes with saucers can be given to a close friend or family member as a wonderful gift that will surely enchant lovers of beautiful tableware. In such a dish bouillon will be not only exquisitely served, but it will also taste delicious.

A beautiful, unusually-shaped dish

Everybody looking for elegant tableware for themselves or a close friend should pay special attention to Paris tableware, including the lovely soup dishes with saucers. High quality porcelain decorated with an elegant pattern is the best guarantee that these dishes will serve their lucky owner for many years. In creating one's own layette or a layette for children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren, it is worth giving attention to Paris tableware and especially to its lovely soup dish and saucer. Every dinner with bullion served in these soup cups can be surely considered successful. Therefore, it is worth purchasing enough to best suit our needs.

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