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heat-resistant lid

heat-resistant lid

Product code: THK-047420
Product characteristics:
Diameter : 24 cm
Material: szkło 
Waga: 0.57 kg
Heat-resistant lid – a indispensable component of every kitchen

At first glance, a heat-resistant pot lid might seem to be a pointless gadget. As it turns out, however, such items play an essential role in homes, restaurants and other catering establishments. It allows many important cooking activities, including brewing and stewing. Many meals could not be prepared but for such lids. Robust construction and safety from burns. The heat-resistant lid is suitable for 24-cm pots, which is a standard size for most pots. The durable material does not wear quickly and is resistant to damage. Its plastic handle proves to be an essential element, not heating up even at high temperatures. This protects the users from burning their hands. The heat-resistant lid in your kitchen will not only enhance your comfort and efficiency, but also your safety.

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