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felt mat

felt mat

Product code: THK-050902
Product characteristics:
Length: 9,5 cm
Width: 14,5 cm
Material: filc 
Waga: 0.01 kg
Functional table felt mat

Hot coffee or tea ensures a good start of any day. However, it is often forgotten that both a hot cup and a glass can leave ugly stains on the table. All you need to avoid this is to use this mat, ensuring perfect insulation and preservation of heat. It can also be very easily adjusted to your needs by cutting it to an appropriate size. Thus it may be used in many different situations. The table felt mat is a concept that really works and can be used at home or wherever you are. It does not need much space so can be effortlessly put in a carry-on.

Match to the furniture colour.

Usually we choose elements of home design that look good against those already present. When selecting this mat you do not need to worry that it does not harmonise with the design, as it is available in variety of colours and its size enables it to be matched precisely to the table size and to its specific use. So you can be sure that the table on which this accessory is put loses nothing of its charm.

Durable felt mat

It is no accident that the mat is made of felt. This material is characterised by durability and resistance to stretching. These features unanimously indicate the amazing durability of this mat. It is also light and hard enough not to deform under the influence of pressure or temperature.

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