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cushion Aster


Product code: THK-054140
Product characteristics:
Width: 45 cm
Material: poliester/akryl 
Waga: 0.52 kg
Aster pillow

The pillows have long ago ceased to be considered as an item useful only at night to rest your head on while sleeping. Today it is also an extremely important and essential element of interior design, which allows you to easily highlight its character, enhance and accentuate their purpose or simply to improve the usability of other pieces of furniture, such as chairs or sofas. The Aster pillow is an excellent example of how the usefulness and decoration can go hand in hand and perfectly harmonize in one object. Its soft, delicate outer shell satisfy even the biggest naysayers and sceptics of interior decorating in this way. Pleasant to the touch and giving an excellent impression - briefly describes its appearance at first glance. Made as a classic square with colours maintained at fairly bright shades, not quite white - rather closer to ecru variety, which further enhances the extraordinary feeling of softness and cosiness. The Aster pillow - maximum comfort for everyone. Decoration has many names and faces - here it has a form of a spectacular and good looking cushion, the presence of which in the living room, the bedroom or any other room will be able to change the ordinary moments of rest in really unfettered, blissful relaxation. The filling material also has a share in this sensation. Its quality perfectly matches to other elements - not too soft, not too hard, with perfectly selected resilience parameters - dealing with it leaves only pleasant memories and a desire to re-try its merits.

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