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cup with saucer Roma


cup with saucer
Product code: THK-044841
Product characteristics:
Capacitance: 220 ml 
Diameter : 14,5 cm
Material: porcelana 
Waga: 0.31 kg
Roma cup and saucer

The Roma set of cup and saucer can be an embellishment for every table. A beautiful form, with a unique warm white shade slightly resembling ivory - you will love it from the very moment you set your eyes on it, simply transfixing you. A characteristic decorative pattern, subtle, almost lace light ornament on a darker, pearl background on the cup and the saucer adds exquisite charm. The ornament is placed only in the upper part of the cup and the saucer, decorating the rim. It's the perfect balance between an ornamented surface and a plain one, which makes it even more desirable.

Roma cup - porcelain perfection

Both the Roma cup, as well as the saucer, are made of high quality porcelain. It is not only a decorative item but also a very durable everyday one. Its users will surely appreciate its other asset - it's easy to clean with only a little water and then the cup is ready to be used again. There are no reasons you cannot wash it in a dishwasher. Due to its unimposing charm and truly elegant style, you can surely assume that it will, especially accompanied by other elements of this series, make an exquisite and everlasting impression on your most sophisticated guests.

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