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cup saucer 2 elements Paris


cup saucer 2 elements
Product code: THK-052631
Product characteristics:
Capacitance: 220 ml 
Diameter : 14 cm
Cloth: porcelana 
Waga: 0.3 kg
Paris Cup and saucer

Do you want to feel the atmosphere of Paris? Do you dream of feeling that your own home were like a cafe somewhere on a narrow Parisian street? Do you want to enjoy the taste of aromatic coffee while nibbling a crispy croissant? It is very easy nowadays, and you do not have to book a ticket and get on a plane. In your own home you can also create any atmosphere you like. How to do it? Thanks to having the right things - interior furnishing, courses and spices, appropriate scents, as well as dishes in which you serve snacks and meals. In order to feel like in Paris, the Paris cup and saucer will be perfect. This beautiful and simple cup delights with its classic shape and delicacy. Drink coffee and feel like you were in Paris. The Paris cup is exquisite. Excellent in its simplicity, it delights with its warm porcelain colour in a shade of ivory and beautiful motive decoration in a classic style. The silvery platinum decoration evokes associations with nobility and elegance. Coffee from such a cup tastes wonderful. While you are drinking and closing your eyes, you hear the hubbub of a Paris street and feel the aroma of crispy croissants. The Paris cup was made in a Polish factory: Karolina. Reliable quality combined with delicacy guarantee the feeling of comfort and satisfaction while drinking coffee or tea. The classic elegance of this cup will always keep you at your table. The cup obviously also has a saucer, which is decorated in classic style with silvery motives. A cup and a saucer - so little, but enough to feel wonderful.

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