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Product code: THK-046670
Product characteristics:
Height: 12 cm
Capacitance: 550ml 
Diameter : 10 cm
Cloth: szkło, bambus 
Waga: 0.286 kg
Glass containers – extremely stylish and safe accessories in your kitchen/b>

Glass is a substance that is completely impenetrable and insoluble even when in contact with strongly caustic chemicals. As a result this glass container is neutral to products stored within, with no harmful reactions occurring inside. When compared with plastic containers, it has absolutely no effect on the smell, taste and chemical composition of food. Therefore it’s the perfect and safe alternative to containers made of plastic.

This one is a jar made of high-quality glass with a bamboo lid. It can be used for the storage of various foods, preserving their true taste. The lid has a special seal which makes it possible to close the jar tightly and hermetically. One of the most important advantages of glass is that it’s completely environmentally safe, as it can be recycled. By choosing glass containers you contribute to a cleaner environment, since glass production does not create any harmful substances.

By choosing glass containers you choose top comfort and safety

This jar is perfect for all those who value practicality enclosed in a stylish form. The jar is characterised by its elegant appearance and high functionality.

This glass container is also very resistant to high temperatures. Moreover, it’s completely dishwasher safe. However, the lid should be washed manually and carefully dried.

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