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container Kyoto


Product code: THK-046671
Product characteristics:
Height: 23 cm
Capacitance: 1,2l 
Diameter : 10 cm
Material: szkło, bambus 
Waga: 0.434 kg
Food well stored

Kyoto food container because of its special structure will keep food stored in it fresh and preserve its nutritive value. Container consists of a glass jar and bamboo lid with a sealing for keeping the container airtight. Thanks to proper sealing the foods such as grains, pasta, rice etc. are protected from pouring out. Container is designed for storing different grocery products. Elegant finish make the container a decoration in every kitchen

Clean and tidy

Kyoto is a food container which makes kitchen tasks easier by keeping the stored products in place, avoid spilling and fading of flavour often occurring when food is kept in its original packaging such as box or packet which had been opened. The glass component of container is dishwasher safe and its shape makes it easy to wash thoroughly. Bamboo lid is to be washed by hand and dried afterwards. White (transparent) glass which the container is made of makes the contents of the container easily visible.

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