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Product code: THK-053247
Product characteristics:
Length: 34 cm
Width: 22,5 cm
Height: 15,7 cm
Capacitance: 8l 
Material: tworzywo sztuczne 
Waga: 0.4 kg
Home Box container – order in your flat

The plastic container allows you to introduce order into your flat. It's a perfect solution for the storage of kitchen accessories, small elements of clothing, cosmetics, or office articles. Solid workmanship, airtightness and convenience, guaranteed by two clips, means that you can easily move the container and place it even in the more humid places, like the kitchen or the bathroom. As a result you can be sure that they will stay safe and will not be damaged. Its convenient size allows you to place the box in a wardrobe, in a drawer, in a desk or under a bed.

In Wonderland, or a method for children's toys

A child's room is often a place where order is hard to maintain. Toys piling up, blocks, dolls and cars lying scattered. The Home Box container will be great for dealing with this chaos and disorder. It's a child-safe packaging – its lightness, modernity and high quality will make children feel that tidying up can also be part of great fun. The box looks well in rooms, adding to a modern, light and casual design. This element is a must for each innovative, ordered, home and office.

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