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Product code: THK-046928
Product characteristics:
Height: 8 cm
Diameter : 6,8 cm
Material: parafina 
Smell: nie 
Time of smoking: 30 
Waga: 0.256 kg
Rustic candle - an impressive accessory

Decorations are an important element of every interior and are an essential element of an interestingly designed interior if they are matched properly. The candle makes the whole interior look charming, thus creating unique climate, and fills in the room with an extraordinary glare if lit in semidarkness. The trunk candle is a front runner among other candles due to durable quality, shape and stable flame. Its light makes a room warm and cosy. They are easy to light every next time while the candlewick is made in such a way that it does not break. The fact that the flame of the candle does not weaken during its use, thus giving regular glare all the time, is an enormous advantage. The candle and its aesthetical qualities. As everyone knows, the candles are useful when a sudden failure of electricity happens but nowadays they are used more frequently for creation of atmosphere - for example romantic atmosphere during a dinner for two or at various types of parties. Due to its cream colour, the trunk candle suits perfectly a lavish wedding, communion or birthday table. They burn cleanly, thanks to which they will not emit unpleasant smoke. They do not contain any harmful substances since they are made of top-quality raw materials. They will look great in every house or restaurant, put on a table without any accessories or in a glass candlestick if preferred.

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