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candle Rustic


Product code: THK-046949
Product characteristics:
Height: 13 cm
Diameter : 6,8 cm
Material: parafina 
Smell: nie 
Time of smoking: 54 
Waga: 0.422 kg
An atmosphere on call

Candles are masters of the atmosphere. Nothing creates an atmosphere so beautifully during a party or a date as candlelight. A Rustic trunk candle can be a decoration of the table during a party, as well as it can be used on the everyday basis – while put in the proper place it will attract sight as a decoration. A nicely manufactured candle will decorate an interior even if is not lit. It is enough to have a good idea to exhibit it. The candles can be also put into glassware or glass bowls with small stones – there is a lot of possibilities. A palace atmosphere. A Rustic candle is made with such attention to details that it does not need any other ornaments. A colour of old gold connected with a raw candle form makes it suitable both for the modern, loft, and rustic interiors. A Rustic candle is manually manufactured so it is a unique product, one in its kind. Golden colour is very decorative so it should be applied moderately. A few golden candles will certainly add a hint of refinement and will create an atmosphere like from the palatial rooms. When you put a few candles next to each other, especially those in various sizes they give an interesting effect. It is an easy, and simultaneously a not banal way of decoration of the window sill, a chest of drawers and a table.

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