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washing powder container

washing powder container

Product code: THK-050637
Product characteristics:
Length: 23,5 cm
Width: 17,5 cm
Height: 25 cm
Capacitance: 6l 
Material: tworzywo sztuczne 
Waga: 0.276 kg
A washing powder container for every bathroom

This universal container for washing powder will match any bathroom. Thanks to the fact that it is transparent, it will not interfere with the colour scheme of any interior. Its simple shape makes it easier to find the right place for the container and guarantees that it will not clash with other pieces in your bathroom – it can be used in simple and minimalistic or richly decorated bathrooms

Simplicity and convenience

This transparent container ensures that its contents are visible, which will prevent you from confusing washing powder with some other detergent in your bathroom. The convenient handle makes moving the container easy and allows it to be hung, which gives you more options to manage the space in your bathroom. The container is made of plastic and easily washable. The simple shape of its sides guarantees that no powder or dirt particles will hide in the crevices.

Economical and durable

You can fit six litres of washing powder inside the container. Such a size also ensures that you will be able to move the container together with its contents; still the container is also big enough to save you the trouble of frequent and burdensome refilling. The product is resistant to big loads and the humidity in your bathroom.

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