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valencja chandelier

valencja chandelier

Product code: THK-047538
Product characteristics:
Length: 62 cm
Diameter : 54 cm
Light source: E14 40W 
Cloth: drewno/metal/tkanina 
Waga: 4.055 kg
A delicate, universal chandelier in a fashionable white colour

The selection of the right light for a particular room is not always as easy as it may seem. You should take into consideration the height of the room, its area, arrangement of furniture, as well the intended effect. The style of the interior is also important because it's the first thing we need to consider when selecting a source of light. A white chandelier is always in fashion. It's true that white accessories are extremely elegant. This chandelier matches many various arrangements, discreetly complimenting them. The colour of this chandelier brings in a unique freshness and subtleness to the room and this is why it's so easy to match with any interior style. Beside the fact that the colour itself is always in fashion, the simplicity of the shades is also an asset. This is what makes the construction seem so light. Even the small crystals, hung below, fit the whole image perfectly. Moreover, they emphasize its decorative nature. Aesthetics and quality of manufacture. This idea of a feathery light chandelier doesn’t imply its fragility. Metal chrome elements are a proof of the durability of the entire item. It's aesthetic value features soft, wavy arms. All of the details draw attention to this unique chandelier and its simplicity makes it perfect for any living room or an office.

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