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spotlight Bimeda


Product code: THK-051355
product advantages
LED lighting
energy class
Product characteristics:
Depth: 29 cm
Height: 34,5 cm
Light source: lampa LED 
Material: stal 
Light color: 3000K 
Luminous flux: 720 lm
Max power light source: 3W 
Thread type: GU10 
Waga: 1.2 kg
Modern use for classics

A spot light is a type of lighting which most often is directly fitted into a ceiling. Sometimes, however, you can also find them mounted on a wall. Rarely, however, they are floor lamps. In ancient times, spot lamps were used in galleries and theatres. As the name suggests, they are designed to illuminate a particular point in space. This is why they usually emit a light beam, which enhances and exposed elements selected by us. This type of lamp works well in our homes. Bimeda spots is a unique type of a spot light. It has three bulb terminals, and therefore it can illuminate three selected elements at the same time. However, it does not have to be used for exposition purposes. It may diffuse light in several directions, thus giving our interior an interesting and warm character, and to be used instead of one central lamp. Bimeda - LED lighting in your home. Bimeda spots is an extremely original spot light. It is made of metal, very versatile material. It is easy to use and be integrated in modern but also more old-fashioned interiors. In addition, some of the lamp elements are finished in black, which further adds to its versatility. The lamp heads themselves, or beam starting points, are black with metal frame, and the slide frame on which they are mounted is made entirely of metal. The original form gives the lamp a designer's character and originality. The light source in all lamp heads is the LED light. In addition, the lamp is suitable for all kinds of light bulbs and energy classes.

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