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sofa Clarc II LUX 3DL

Clarc II LUX 3DL

Product code: BRWC/SOF_CLARC_II_LUX_3DL_GR3_A820E8
seat equipment
foam bonell springs
mattress equipment
foam bonell springs
special options
sleep function container for bedclothes
Product characteristics:
Width: 217 cm
Height: 92 cm
Depth: 115 cm
Length of the sleeping surface : 195 cm
Width of the sleeping surface: 145 cm
Seat width: 195 cm
Seat height: 43 cm
Seat depth: 65 cm
Container for bedding: tak 
Sleeping function: tak 
Armrest: tak 
Decorative pillows: tak 
Filling the seat: pianka/bonell 
Material of upholstery: tkanina 
size: 3-osobowa 
The way of unfolding: automat DL 
Back cushion: tak 
Ornamental threads: tak 
Filling decorative cushions: pianka cięta/silikon 
Filling the back cushions: pianka cięta/silikon 
Mattress filling: pianka/bonell 
Number of backrest cushions:
Number of decorative pillows:
The height of the armrest: 62 
Type of armrest: stały 
Type of feet: tworzywo 
Waga: 115 kg

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