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small shoebox

small shoebox

Product code: THK-050638
Product characteristics:
Length: 34 cm
Depth: 34 cm
Width: 19 cm
Height: 10 cm
Cloth: tworzywo sztuczne 
Waga: 0.224 kg
Safe shoe storage

Shoes scattered in you wardrobe or hall, lying disordered can cause a lot of trouble, frustration and a negative attitude. A shoebox may be of great help with this. This small, plastic box lets you hide high heels, ballet flats or casual shoes, and store them securely for the next season or occasion. The plastic material helps create a safe, proven place to keep shoes in flawless condition. This is a unique, transparent product, so its content can be checked at any time without pulling it out from the wardrobe. This enables you to organise your space and save time on seeking what you need. It holds from one to several pairs of shoes, depending on their size. It is perfect for women's elegant shoes, often exposed to damage in everyday situations. Aesthetics and functionality of the box constitute an indissoluble whole, perfect harmony. Modern, cosmopolitan design - innovation in design. The plastic box is characterised by the very high quality of manufacture. Made of the best available plastic, it stores your things safely. In addition, it avoids unpleasant smells, giving the interior a nice, natural atmosphere. Rounded edges and delicate fastener are other concepts of the designers, who wanted to eliminate all hazards. The central point of the box is its innovative cover, reflecting the modernity, creativity of the authors. In a transparent form, it attracts attention with its decoration in the form of shoe-related words in various languages. Multidimensionality and a variety of letters. This cosmopolitan, original design draws the attention of anybody who visits your home, thus emphasising your uniqueness.

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