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plate dessert
Product code: THK-049402
Product characteristics:
Diameter : 20 cm
Cloth: porcelana 
Waga: 0.3 kg
Let each day be full of sweetness

There is probably no person who isn't keen on something sweet every now and then. Ice-cream, chocolate, cakes, cookies and candies are some of the few examples of snacks that appear on our tables every day. One would wish to eat them constantly, with no side effects. Especially women are careful about the amount of sugar they consume. There is nothing wrong with indulging oneself in desserts and layer cakes full of whipped cream, in proper amounts - of course. But how to eat delicious chocolate cake with triple layer of vanilla cream, if there are no appropriate plates for it? How to serve the guests delicious strawberry tart if there are only plastic plates at home? White dessert plate should be found in every house, specifically for serving desserts of any kind, from cakes, tarts, layer cakes, to oatmeal cookies which are perfect with coffee. This plate will be a perfect completion of any tableware and it will not bring shame when set in front of the guests. Its white colour is a splendid background for all types of desserts prepared by the host. Deserts and other snacks served on white porcelain White plate will always be perfect in any situation. No matter if our guest is a friend, mum or mother-in-law. It can be served with strawberry cupcakes even to the queen or a famous TV celebrity. Versatile and simultaneously beautiful in its simplicity. The material used to make the plate is hard white porcelain, extremely solid, it can be put to a microwave in order to warm up the cheesecake, and later into a dishwasher so you do not to bother with all the cleaning. The product comes from Polish factories which guarantees excellent quality. It is very useful, not only at home, but also in restaurants and cafes, where splendid desserts are served - this plate should also be found in those places. The guests will not be disappointed, for sure.

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