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photo frame

photo frame

Product code: THK-050942
Product characteristics:
Width: 22,5 cm
Height: 28,5 cm
Material: wood/glass 
Frame colour: silver 
Photo dimensions: 18x24 
Waga: 0.5 kg
Photos - life enclosed in frames

Nowadays we forget to print and develop photos more and more frequently. Quick developments in digitalisation lets anybody have enormous numbers of photos in their computer, which are not even reviewed, hardly ever returned to. Few people care about keeping memories in the form of a photo, either hung on walls or put into traditional albums. Photos in electronic memory systems can be easily damaged. Discs and pendrives are impermanent. They can be easily damaged. So it is very important to keep photos in several places or just to print them and put into an album.

Memories in a frame

An excellent way to keep photo memories is to place them in frames and hang them on walls or set in your favourite places. A fireplace or an elegant shelf are excellent to this end. The wooden photo frame is perfect for this purpose. The old silver frame suits almost any interior. It looks great both in a classic surrounding as an excellently matching accessory and in a modern home, creating the impression of separateness and adding to it an interesting character. Wood is a material that suits any surrounding. If it is about the type of material of which it is made, it should be emphasised that high quality of the glass from which the frame is made ensures it resistant to all scratches and potential damage.

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