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photo frame

photo frame

Product code: THK-050933
Product characteristics:
Width: 22,5 cm
Height: 28,5 cm
Cloth: drewno/szkło 
Frame color: biały 
Dimensions of the photo: 18x24 
Waga: 0.5 kg
b>Magic enclosed in a frame

Is there anything more beautiful than a souvenir of holiday enchanted in a photography? I think every one of us likes to bring the memoirs closed just in the form of a photograph. Looking at them is a real pleasure, it recalls the time spent on the paradise island or interesting moments walking around the city. There are few people who put them in albums and look at them very rarely. To be able to enjoy them forever, at any time of day and different seasons it is worth choosing an interesting setting and even evoke the mood and the climate of those moments even by simply glancing at the photograph. Photo Frame is as important as the content, which it holds in itself. It is worth choosing the one that will emphasize the uniqueness of the moment, but it will perfectly blend with the place where the picture frame has to be found. The white over all. Regardless you are a devotee of a contemporary style or you like to have a more classic style that standing photo frame will be suitable at anytime and anywhere. It can also be a great idea as a gift for a loved person, because you can give someone a frame already with a photo to commemorate an important moment. White colour matches always and for everything so it will not be too much struck, but will highlight the interior, where the frame will remain. The frame setting itself is a high-quality wood, which smoothness delights. The frame has a windshield, which was made from a high quality glass. It is resistant to scratches and tarnishing which will certainly prolong the time we would enjoy it.

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