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Guide to the salon

Guide to the salon


Before you go shopping,
see what we have prepared for you in our salon.
Are you furnishing a new apartment or do you want to refresh the interior of your home?
Visit one of the Black Red White salons and see how many interesting ideas we have prepared for you.
We have organised the display of furniture and accessories with the highest comfort of shopping in mind. Thanks to the functional division of the offer you will easily find specific products in the Living Room Zone, Young People’s Rooms, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Kitchens, Upholstery or Good Price Zone. The division into the modern and classic furniture additionally makes it easier to choose a favourite style of products..

Coming to the Black Red White salon you can immediately use the ready solutions to arrange own space. To ensure the variety of inspiration we have prepared, with utmost care, each example of the interior using the furniture and decorative items of Black Red White brand.
Living Rooms
Living room is a place where you spend a lot of time with your friends and family. While selecting the furniture, remember of the needs and habits of the household members – in this space everyone should feel at ease and comfortably every day. Visit the Living Room Zone in the Black Red White salon, where you will purchase modern or classic furniture – from various cupboards, bookshelves, drawer chests, to tables and display cabinets. Here you will find everything that is necessary for your living room to be practical and functional.
Dining Rooms
Family meals will be even more enjoyable and the meetings with friends – unforgettable, if you organise them in an appropriately arranged space. Comfortable chairs, large folding tables, universal smaller tables, cupboards, display cabinets and many more modern and classic furnishings can be found in the Dining Zone. You can choose freely among various designs, colours and manufacturing techniques – we have prepared plenty of interesting proposals so everyone can select something for themselves.
Bedroom is a place to sleep and also a space for storage. Make sure it is comfortable and adequately furnished. In the Black Red White salon in the Bedroom Zone we propose solutions, which will help you achieve it. Among them there are available beds of various dimensions and styles, chests of drawers, wardrobes, dressing tables, nightstands and many more. Remember also to select a proper mattress – this is the basis for healthy sleep! Our specialists will advise you on a suitable model that will meet your expectations.
Young People’s Rooms
How to make the young person’s room remarkable and, at the same time, a perfect place for studying, playing and resting? It’s enough to visit the Young People’s Furniture Zone in the Black Red White salon, where the furniture of original design and interesting colour schemes are available, stimulating the imagination of the youngest ones. They are distinguished by the high quality of make, safety of use and functionality. Bring the whole family and together you will choose a desk, bed and maybe the entire set of furniture, which will be best for your child’s room.
Upholstered furniture
If you are looking for a comfortable sofa, comfy armchair or a practical corner sofa bed, we invite you to get to know our offers. In the Upholstered Furniture Zone there is a wide range of lounges, which we will make for you using your chosen fabric. See for yourself that in Black Red White you decide on the design of your dream sofa. .
Do you wish to design a new kitchen or refresh its existing appearance? See what we prepared for you in the Kitchen Furniture Zone. Here you will find a full range, from economic sets, through Family Line functional system of kitchen cupboards, to the most extensive line of custom made kitchens.

We offer limitless possibilities of assembling a modern, classic or Provencal style kitchen, with varnished, glass or wooden fronts. Additionally, you can choose from the full range of practical solutions, which will help you develop the interior of each cabinet and drawer. Do you have more ideas? You can count on our designers in the Black Red White kitchen studios, who will design a kitchen in accordance with your taste and needs.
Interior accessories
You know the appropriate choice of accessories is the key to a tasteful design in your favourite style. A vividly-coloured pillow, a beautifully-formed vase, elegant dinner set, atmospheric light or a fluffy throw. A few small details are enough to completely alter the character of any interior. In the Interior Accessories Zone we offer textiles, decorations, rugs, lighting and accessories necessary for the kitchen, dressing room, bathroom or dining room, thanks to which your apartment will gain a new, refreshed character.



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