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milk jug Roma


milk jug
Product code: THK-044847
Product characteristics:
Capacitance: 180ml 
Material: porcelana 
Waga: 0.166 kg
A refined coffee in a refined company

Having a coffee at your friend's place? You don't need much to make it an almost royal experience. What you need to do is take care of all the details that combine into a sleek coffee set. The set comprises a milk jug, used to serve coffee milk or cream. The piece in question, the Roma porcelain milk jug, will make an excellent addition to your cups and saucers. Made of fine bone china, it guarantees long product life. With a lovely, classical colour of warm white, also called ivory, it can also serve as a classy and stylish piece of decoration for your table. Against this bright, pearly background, you can see it has a delicate pattern. They're suitable for both high-profile visits and regular meetings with your closest family. Enables you to serve coffee cream with style both at home and restaurant People love to surround themselves with nice, charming things. The Roma milk jug is one of those things you just need to have. Its classical design will bring a touch of elegance to any coffee meeting. It works well for homes run by up-to-date homemakers as well as cafés and restaurants which care both about the coffee and the mood. Its fine ear helps to carry and pour the cream into cups. It has a specially designed spout to make sure you don't spill your milk anywhere outside the cup. Moreover, this product is made at a Polish factory (Karolina). It's dishwasher safe.

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