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lower cabinet JUNONA LINE-DK2D/80/82


lower cabinet
Product code: K24-DK2D/80/82-BI/SZW
Product characteristics:
Depth: 47 cm
Height: 82 cm
Width: 80 cm
Waga: 19.55 kg
Lower sink base cabinet from JUNONA LINE collection (DK2D/80/82).

A practical solution offering maximum functionality and modern design are the main features of the Junona Line kitchen collection.

Junona Line is available in sonoma oak and sonoma oak/wenge oak and 2 new colors:
1) body- white, top cabinet fronts- white polish, bottom cabinet fronts- gray tungsten (white polish insert), counter- incanto
2) body- white, top cabinet fronts- sibiu larch light, bottom cabinet fronts-sibiu larch light (larico pine insert), counter- incanto.

The cabinets are made up of fronts, bodies, handles and countertops.

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