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felt pad

felt pad

Product code: THK-050904
Product characteristics:
Length: 12 cm
Width: 26 cm
Cloth: filc 
Waga: 0.02 kg
Felt pad – simple element of an original decor.

Felt pads are very old and simple invention. Once used usually for the legs and underside of furniture, they were intended to play one role. Today, however, they are increasingly appreciated and in the market there appear more and more ideas for their use. Their primary use is the oldest – as the pads under the furniture. Specially cut pads were placed at the underside of the legs of chairs, tables or other furniture so that their potential moving could not scratch the flooring material or panels. Today, however, the panels and tiles are resistant to such scratches and modern furniture is designed in such a way that its underside does not cause scratches even on the most sensitive floors. Fortunately, felt pads have not lost their functions in our homes and gained even more applications.

Pad with many faces.

Felt pads are now used everywhere. Earlier, as unattractive raw material they were not suitable for exposition. Nowadays, when they can be coloured and smoothed, they have become a universal raw material of which one can conjure up all sorts of stuff! Felt is ideal for self-cutting. It is very simple, and you can create any element you need. Felt pads are very useful as flower pot pads and even as collared dish plate pads. Easy to handle material also gives you an opportunity to cut out various patterns, so a piece of felt may become a true work of art and a source of great fun. The final result depends on you.

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