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felt pad

felt pad

Product code: THK-050901
Product characteristics:
Length: 9,5 cm
Width: 14,5 cm
Material: felt 
Waga: 0.01 kg
Felt as material is very universal

In the form like this felt pad it will let take care efficiently of the floor safety in the entire house or flat. Thanks to its universal rectangular shape, in which it was made, it is possible to cut it manually to get the desired size, so that it could meet best the requirements regarding precise floor coverage. Its application will let separate hard and sharp surface of heavy and often sliding furniture such as chairs, tables, coaches, chests of drawers, etc. from floor surface which is usually delicate and can be easily scratched. It is of no importance whether the floor is made of woodstove or woodgrain tiles – in all cases it will take care of the safety and concurrently, due to reduced friction, it will make it easier to transport furniture, by allowing sliding it using much less effort.

Safety and mobility on every surface

The pad is very easy in use – since it is covered on one side by a strong glue, it is possible – after pre-cleaning of the surface, to stick it to almost any material. Wood, leather, plastic – the pad will be fixed strongly and firmly to each of the materials, thus ensuring the required surface protection for many years. Its universal size makes it possible to adjust it precisely on your own to the required shapes and sizes, and thus the floor will be maximally protected. Calm, neutral shade of grey, in which it was made, will let hide discreetly its presence from the eyes of both guests and the household members. Despite that – although invisible, it will protect the beauty of your floors for the whole time.

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