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Product code: THK-049389
Product characteristics:
Capacitance: 0,75l 
Material: szkło 
Waga: 1.68 kg
Decanter - an interesting way to serve liqueur

This high quality glass vessel with its unique form draws attention and is desirable for anyone who appreciates beauty. In the past decanters were seen in any household whose residents valued elegance and good taste. At the time, it was improper to serve liqueur straight from a bottle. Therefore, prior to serving it, it was poured into a decanter. This unique vessel is also perfect for places where homemade wine is prepared in barrels. There is no better way to serve it to one's guests at the table than in an elegant decanter. The remarkable glass adds charm to any occasion. Nowadays, a decanter is not only connected with practicality, it's also an eye-catching embellishment of a beautifully laid table, making each dinner an exquisite experience. No social meeting can do without such a sophisticated vessel. It's worth adding that its exceptional shape simply looks amazing not only on a laid table but also sitting in a glass case. Such an elegant decoration on a shelf makes any room look more prestigious. Transparent glass allows you to fully appreciate the colour of the liqueur stored inside, which is especially important for wine connoisseurs. Thanks to such a lovely decanter any party will be a success and an evening with friends becomes an exciting event. This carefully made vessel is also a great idea for a present, sure to enchant anyone passionate about beautiful items.

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