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Product code: THK-053246
Product characteristics:
Length: 46,5 cm
Width: 36,5 cm
Height: 25,5 cm
Capacitance: 31l 
Material: tworzywo sztuczne 
Waga: 0.85 kg
Home Box - law and order in the apartment

Almost everyone has a problem at home with the mass of trinkets and other items, which we do not want to throw away, or because it may prove useful one day. To maintain order in the house or in the flat and not the let these trifles got dusty, you should purchase a storage container. This prevents dust from accumulating on small objects. Definitely easier way to keep many items in order.

Home Box container - a universal solution for everybody

This versatile product will be useful to everybody. You can store absolutely everything, from toys through various little things, the articles of clothing and other items, generally everything that might come to mind. The container is made of plastic. It has a capacity of 31 litres and is designed to accommodate plenty of things. Cover of the container has two clips that tightly close the box. A storage container is very easy to maintain and will serve for a long time. Just take a damp cloth for cleaning. The product is available in two sizes.

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