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consomme dish Roma


consomme dish
Product code: THK-044849
Product characteristics:
Capacitance: 280ml 
Diameter : 16 cm
Material: porcelana 
Waga: 0.396 kg
Porcelain consommé dish - a tasteful accessory for every table.

A beautiful and original consommé dish, made of high quality porcelain, is an exquisite decoration for a beautifully laid table. Classic and convenient form, combined with beautiful ornamentation is a work of harmony and aesthetics. Porcelain clay in a remarkable warm shade of white has been decorated with a subtle, lace pattern which attracts attention and emphasizes the best quality of manufacture. The product was created in a Polish workshop with due care to entrance everyone. An extravagant accessory for every table. Porcelain consommé dish - gentle curves and universal design. This slender consommé dish is a combination of aesthetics and best quality levels. Due to its impressive form and pearl colour, it's just a delightful beauty. An elegant dish perfect for exquisite parties and family dinners. It's an original, yet very tasteful piece of tableware and it will give your table a sophisticated and modern look. Well-made details and perfectly selected colours are undoubtedly assets of this ideal consommé dish which will add charm to every table. It's a product which emphasizes good taste and suits every interior.

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