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candle Rustic


Product code: THK-046921
Product characteristics:
Height: 19 cm
Diameter : 6,8 cm
Material: parafina 
Smell: nie 
Time of smoking: 77 
Waga: 0.614 kg
Each dinner is unique in the glare of candles

It is really easy to create nice, romantic and cosy atmosphere at home. Just light a candle and you will feel like in an elegant, cosy restaurant, while the decorative rustic candle is perfect for it. It has a very simple, classical form and it is hand-made, which makes it exceptional. The rustic candle may be a stand-alone decoration of the table but its appearance gives a lot of possibilities and inspires to create interesting and sophisticated decorations. For example, the candle looks great in combination with a simple goblet-shaped candlestick and fresh wildflowers. It will also look intriguing while combined with white porcelain and golden details. Decorative rustic candle - perfect for family dinners and summer meetings with friends. Summer garden and terrace parties tend to last long, so it is worth making sure that the guests feel good and cosily during them. Thanks to the decorative rustic candles, creation of such atmosphere is easy. They are available in various sizes, so they may be combined in a lot of interesting configurations. Our imagination is the only limit.

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