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Product code: THK-046924
Product characteristics:
Height: 13 cm
Diameter : 6,8 cm
Material: parafina 
Smell: nie 
Time of smoking: 54 
Waga: 0.418 kg
A romantic illumination

Traditional and at the same time the only one in its kind. That is how a trunk candle available in our on-line shop can be briefly described. It is certainly a very useful product since electric light present in our houses as a basic one will not replace it in any term. Certainly, this product is very practical when we want to create a unique and romantic atmosphere at home. If our partner is to come for a supper, it is certainly enough to light such a candle in order to enjoy a charm which it ensures. It is obvious that a candle and its light have relaxing properties. With its help we can rest, relax and recharge batteries after a hard day.

Perfect for every candlestick

A candle we present to You is white. Thanks to its neutral colour it harmonises with every candlestick. Moreover, it is a manually manufactured product, made with the greatest attention to every detail therefore it is elegant and the only one in its kind. There is sure that it will do well in every home which inhabitants like a cosy atmosphere.

Raw, but beautiful

Despite the fact that the candle has a raw and very simple form and a contemporary structure, it has a unique and seductive charm. It can be used in the classic and modern interiors. Additionally, it can be used in the glass candlesticks, but there is nothing to prevent to put in on the table or on the chest of drawers without any other accessories. A candle itself looks beautiful, gives a nice illumination therefore it is a real must-have.

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