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bowl with a spoon

bowl with a spoon

Product code: THK-054315
Product characteristics:
Capacitance: 4L 
Material: szkło 
Waga: 1.94 kg
A glass party bowl

The way the meals are prepared is of equal important as the way of serving them. Therefore both should be well-thought-out and planned. This is especially important when organizing a lavish party, or even a modest repast among friends and family. If you plan to serve a punch, the bowl is necessary tableware. It can become the centre of attention when guests sit at the table. Thanks to this unique dish table will get a new glow and charm.

Glass always fashionable

The glass bowl is really in good taste, regardless of what kind of tableware you plan to use. You can see the served content. It can be cleaned easily, both traditionally and in the dishwasher. The oval shape is also extremely important, because invariably it is associated with luxury and elegance. Thus, by using this glass, round bowl, in a quite simple and unsophisticated way you can impart to the reception appropriate significance and culture.

Bowl to break the ice

Organizing of parties is difficult because you never know whether all efforts will bring the expected result. Nevertheless the most important is the atmosphere, that is feeling of being unreserved and comfort. And when it seems that the situation is hopeless, you serve delicious, extraordinary punch in a round bowl which becomes the subject of conversation. It really works, so you should have this add-on in your home. This is useful also in hot summer days.

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