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vacuum-seal hanging bag

vacuum-seal hanging bag

Product code: THK-050694
Product characteristics:
Length: 105 cm
Width: 70 cm
Cloth: PCV 
Waga: 0.212 kg
This vacuum bag can store more

A new wardrobe storage technology enables a significant increase in the capacity of racks and cabinets: the volume of stored items is greatly reduced in a vacuum bag by sucking air out through an ordinary household vacuum cleaner. Simply connect the suction tube, turn on the vacuum cleaner and close the bag with the cap afterwards. A hanger, Included in the set, will keep a suit, coat, jacket or sweatshirt in a hanging position. You can also store linen, towels, blankets or any other items made of fabric. The bag fitted with a special zipper closure is suitable for multiple use. Reliable and durable it will withstand many seasons. It is perfect in small apartments, as well as on the go. It helps in maintaining order and cleanliness, and it's very easy to use for everyone.

Air extraction reduces the size of and protects the wardrobe in all conditions

Vacuum technology is not only suitable when you need to store warm autumn-winter clothing throughout spring and summer or vice versa. Items packed in vacuum bags are hermetically sealed off, so they can be kept not only at home but also, in a basement, attic or garage. Dirt, dust, moisture and insects have no chance: the contents of the bag will always remain clean and fresh all that while your garments will not crease or wrinkle. Also, while changing abode, this way of packing provides a stunning effect protecting clothing during transportation and reducing the number of necessary boxes.

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