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Product code: THK-051349
product advantages
LED lighting
energy class
Product characteristics:
Diameter : 7 cm
Light source: lampa LED 
Material: stal 
Light color: 3000K 
Luminous flux: 240 lm
Max power light source: 3W 
Thread type: GU10 
Waga: 0.3 kg
Bimeda Spot Lamp

Bimeda spot lamp. Most of the lamps are designed to provide illumination. Chandeliers and sconces illuminate the apartment, the nightlights facilitate reading. In turn, a spot light is an important element of the interior design. The a cone-shaped light shaft emitted by it is well suited to emphasize the values of paintings and photographs. Bimeda brand spot lamps have indeed great decorative potential. Their snow white casing looks perfect on light, classical walls. Chrome plated elements will be the details to add class to any room.

Bimeda spot lamp – full control of home lighting

Placing multiple spot lamps on the walls of the room will allow to produce a unique atmosphere. Of course, the main daily source of light should be a chandelier suspended from the ceiling. In the evening, however, you can turn it off and instead light a battery of spot lights mounted on the side walls. They are perfectly suitable for creating a party climate. The shadows will be floating on the corners of the room but its centre will be lit up by crossing beams of light. The 2.5W LED bulbs provide strong light and the structure of Bimeda lens allows to control it precisely.

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