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set of tealights 50 pieces

set of tealights 50 pieces

Product code: THK-051228
Product characteristics:
Cloth: parafina 
Smell: nie 
Time of smoking: 3,5 
Waga: 0.55 kg
Set of tealights

One of the universal characteristics of human nature is that we subconsciously like the glint of an open fire. It is probably associated with a sense of security, warmth, peacefulness and comfort. You can have such a peaceful atmosphere at home if you have a set of tealights. Their delicate vibrating flame can be used in a variety of ways. First, just as the name indicates, they are intended for warming a teapot. The possibility to warm a teapot makes preparations for an aromatic drink for cosy meetups easier, and you are able to wait for the latecomers without having to worry about the tea getting cold. Thanks to the tealights, it retains its warmth. There is nothing to stop you from using them in a slightly different way as well, for instance, to create a unique atmosphere for a romantic dinner or as a neutral light source, useful when seeking better rest. Tealights – the magic of flames. These tealights are made in a traditional way: at the centre there is a wick, which is dipped in a flammable substance. All this is enclosed in a metal candlecup, not very high, which should not get overly hot from the flame. Even if the tealight is alight, you should be able to move it with your hand. If it is impossible, the candlecup does not insulate heat properly. Wax in a tealight cannot burn too slowly or too quickly. As a rule it should burn for one to two hours. Remember, once it burns out, nothing prevents you from using another one from the set. The tealights have a standard diameter, so they go well with different types of mantelpieces or stands available on the market.

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