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set of glasses 6 PCS Basic Glass

Basic Glass

set of glasses 6 PCS
Product code: THK-052066
Product characteristics:
Capacitance: 250ml 
Cloth: szkło 
Waga: 1.3 kg
A set of glasses - simplicity and classics every day.

Traditional glasses for everyday use made in the Polish factory Krosno - well known to everybody - are made of good grade, high-quality glass. Smooth glasses excellent for everyday use. The size and shape sensationally reflect their practicality. The set is nicely finished, without unnecessary ornaments, it is perfect for water, juices or other kinds of beverages. It's the perfect set for any home.

Practical and functional glasses.

A set of these glasses is extremely durable, ideal for daily use. Its high quality and affordable price are the most important assets of this product. Each glass is lightweight and well made, so that the product is reliable. Thin walls and a thick base sensationally complements each other and provide comfort while drinking a beverage. A set is dishwasher safe and its smooth glass remains shiny and full of light for a long time. It's a classic that should find its way into each stylish and well-equipped apartment.

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