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serving plate
Product code: THK-044844
Product characteristics:
Diameter : 24 cm
Material: porcelana 
Waga: 0.432 kg
The intricate beauty and impeccable workmanship

Such elegant product could rarely be encountered, the serving plate made of high-quality porcelain, that looks opulent and festive. Its neat workmanship makes it hard to look away from it. The plate, made in a classic, traditional style is distinguished by its beauty and character. The porcelain mass, which it is made of, is in a shade of precious ivory, and by that it shows good taste of the designer. Delicate, decorative border of intricate little flowers appeal to all admirers of outstanding ornamentation. It is worth searching for household articles like this, because the selected ones will repay you with enviable elegance. You can set them on a holiday table with confidence, in the company of other pieces of refined tableware. They will brighten the nature of any table setting, and the white natural colour of porcelain beautifully blends with many other colours. Wide range of applications. A large porcelain serving plate is not only beautiful, but also very necessary in every household. You can serve meat, vegetables, fruit, you can arrange some cold snacks on it, but also warm ones, or substantial dishes. It is easy to find applications for the dish. The high-quality porcelain from Karolina - the Polish factory, is durable and resistant to damage. Serving plate is easy to keep clean, you can wash it in warm water with a bit of washing up liquid by hand or put in a dishwasher and wait for it to do its job.

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