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scented sachet Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

scented sachet
Product code: THK-040664
Product characteristics:
Material: inny 
Waga: 0.006 kg
A fresh fragrance for your home

Buy some of these small freshening sachets if you're looking for. A good alternative to air fresheners and similar products. This discrete and affordable sachet will change the smell in your kitchen or room for a long time. The smell can last for as long as a couple of weeks.

Why buy it?

The room sachet is certainly the simplest way to make your room smell nice. Just remove the protective film to release the scent. You can attach the sachet using adhesive tape. The fragrance will fill the room for many weeks, depending on the room's size and air circulation.


A nice fragrance in your home will improve your comfort of living and make your room a much nicer place to be in. Buy these sachets If you want your room to smell really nice. In addition to wild cherry-scented sachets, our stock features sachets of different aromatic styles. Highly recommended. Scented sachets – a good choice.

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