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salt and pepper set Banquet


salt and pepper set
Product code: THK-048207
Product characteristics:
Height: 12 cm
Capacitance: 40 ml 
Material: szkło/stalowy korek 
Waga: 0.17 kg
Banquet salt & pepper set

There are hundreds of spices in the world which, added more or less often, can enrich the flavour of dishes - but only two of them are unquestionably the most essential - salt and pepper. The ancient tradition of their usage means everyone knows their advantages and disadvantages; everybody can appreciate their presence in practically all cuisines of the world. By using this salt & pepper set you can be sure the spices will be at hand when you need them. The classic, slender shape of both the salt pot and the pepper pot makes them look amazing not only during everyday meals but also elegant parties, especially accompanied by other elements of the Banquet series, which are admired by all guests. You can be sure that their beautiful, sophisticated profile and chrome finish will meet the high aesthetic criteria of even the most exquisite users.

Salt and pepper - the basis of modern cuisine

Two spices, salt and pepper, are the fundament and backbone of modern European cuisines. With their help you can create or ruin the taste of any dish. To add just the right amount it's necessary to use a suitable set for their storage that will allow one to apply the right amount to a particular dish. Thus, it guarantees the flavour to be identical with the intended one. The transparent glass walls of the containers allow you to assess if they need a refill and the screw top lid allows one to do so with ease, so that nobody will be surprised by an empty container.

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