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salad bowl Brunch


salad bowl
Product code: THK-049407
Product characteristics:
Diameter : 11 cm
Material: porcelana 
Waga: 0.1 kg
Functionality and simplicity

There are just few kitchen dishes so universal and usable in dozens of different original ways as salad bowls, such as the Brunch salad bowl. Of course, according to its name it should be used mainly to serve all types of salads - no matter if they are made from vegetables, fruits or based on other food products. A salad served in it will look so delicious and striking that the refusal to try it will be practically impossible. Of course this does not exhaust the broad range of its capacities - nothing prevents you from serving a completely different meal in it, including such snacks as crisps or similar. Both casual evening meetings with friends and an elegant dinner can be enhanced and improved by the presence of excellent Polish china in the form of this salad bowl.

Excellence through versatility

The porcelain salad bowl is not difficult to use - hard, resistant to many factors, with white porcelain that will faultlessly stand the difficulties of everyday use. A universal form, classic, timeless shape and a neutral, calm colour make it look great in kitchens of any interior design. It will look perfect on a table both alone and surrounded by other dishes, especially from the same line. The range of possibilities is extended by the fact that the porcelain salad bowl can be used in microwaves and cleaned in automatic dishwashers, which makes keeping it clean simple.

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