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sachet for rooms
Product code: THK-040667
Product characteristics:
Material: inny 
Waga: 0.01 kg
Scented sachets for rooms – a discreet solution

Keeping our home clean and tidy is something that we all take care of. Despite all the available products and detergents that are supposed to help us with this task, sometimes we can't clean everything as effectively as we would like. The omnipresent dust and other microelements are our sworn enemies. Unfortunately, sometimes our home has a fresh smell only for a short while. However, there are many ways to fill our home with a much more pleasant aroma. Although there are many air fresheners available on the market that eliminate unpleasant smells and fill every interior with a nice fragrance, they are not very discreet. That's why this scented sachet for rooms appears to be the perfect solution. These small sachets don't draw attention but, at the same time, they effectively fill the room with a discreet, yet a still noticeable aroma. The sachets are available in many fragrances so you'll definitely find the perfect one for you.

Other uses of the sachets.

Sachets like these don't require much space to properly serve their function. Their small size makes it possible to put them almost everywhere. We can paste them to the inner wall of a wardrobe, behind a mirror or even behind a painting. Therefore, they are very discreet and impressively effective at the same time. Their scent will fill your home even for several weeks. The time you can enjoy the scent depends on the place where we put the sachet. If you put it in a room which is rarely aired and relatively small, the fragrance will last for a very long time. One way or another, the sachet will be a splendid addition to every room. If you place the sachet in a hall at every entrance you will smell its wonderful and fresh aroma every time you enter your home.

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