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room sachet Lavender Hill

Lavender Hill

room sachet
Product code: THK-040665
Product characteristics:
Material: inny 
Waga: 0.01 kg
Scented sachet – a wonderful aroma every day

A lavender scent emanating from the room sachet fills the room with an amazing, delicate and natural aroma of freshly picked flowers. The power of the scent wafted through the air comforts, helps to keep peace and marks the interior with an incredible charm. The sachet, thanks to the fresh scents, creates a spring-like atmosphere which can be cherished for a couple of weeks. You can place the sachet wherever you want: in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom and the smell emanating from the sachet will bring a breath of fresh air into your interior. Lavender refreshment The scented sachet can also be used as a car air freshener that will let you enjoy a pleasant smell when driving. Also, the sachet will bring some aroma to wardrobes and drawers and will make your clothes smell nice. Ladies can place the sachet in their bags and enjoy a nice surprise every time they open the bag. The sachet, thanks to its aroma, eliminates odours and is an ideal solution for those who are haunted by an unpleasant smell of their shoes. It is also a good idea to place the sachet in a dust bag, which enables the lavender scent to waft through the air during vacuuming. The scented sachet fills interiors with a pleasant scent and the broad range of scents available gives everyone a possibility of finding their own aroma and cherish it every day.

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