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plate for pasta

plate for pasta

Product code: THK-046244
Product characteristics:
Diameter : 27 cm
Material: porcelana 
Waga: 0.75 kg
Quality comes first

High quality kitchenware and tableware last longer than the mediocre one and is more presentable, therefore it is a better purchase choice, in spite of slightly higher price. A good example of such product is the pasta plate made of excellent quality porcelain Fine Bone China. This material contributes to beautiful look of the product which is suitable not only for everyday use but even for special occasions. At a first glance you can see that it is the class A product, which is further confirmed by its durability. Plate is resistant to mechanical damage, cracking and chipping (which is frequent in case of lower quality porcelain). Keeps its brand new look for a long time. Nicely matches dishes from Claudette and Amelia collections, but thanks to its universal design it will also go well with other types of tableware.

Practical accessory

The plate is deep, which is important as regards its designation making it more convenient to serve pasta without it sliding and falling out. Thanks to high level durability of material which the plate was made of you can safely use it in microwave and conveniently heat up dishes before serving. What is important, it is dishwasher safe, making its use even more convenient

For those who value Polish manufacturers and brands the important information is that the product comes from a Polish factory - Karolina.

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