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pillows Carbo Indiana/Malcom

Carbo Indiana/Malcom

Product code: L07-PODUSZ-CARBO_600/400-SAWANA_17-MAT01
Available colors: fabric

Sawana 17

Sawana 17
Product characteristics:
Length: 64 cm
Width: 46,5 cm
Warranty: 2 lata 
Waga: 3.15 kg

Product description:

- A set of three soft pillows used as decorations for Indiana and Sevilla beds.

- Pillow design makes them perfectly suit the mattress and headrest

- Zipper that makes it easy to keep them clean. You should be able to easily wash the case, removing dust, mites and odder contaminants.

- The pillows significantly improve the comfort of everyday rest and improve the looks of your interiors.

- Furniture from Indiana collection can be arranged in many ways, depending on the size of the rooms they are put into, their function and your needs.


Used materials:
Upholstery fabric
Product use:
Before commencing the cleaning process it is recommended to try the effect in a least visible place. Stains should be removed with damp cloth and mild detergents.
To be assembled by the customer. 

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