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pillow Soft


Product code: THK-054130
Product characteristics:
Width: 45 cm
Material: 76% akryl, 24% poliester 
Waga: 0.548 kg
The right choice of pillow is the key to healthy sleep

Although it is true that traditional pillows have natural fillings, there are also many pillows with artificial filling available nowadays.

The Soft type pillow is an exceptional, plump pillow made from acrylic. It is inexpensive and is made from high-quality material.

It is very functional and practical, and can alone be a decoration that adds finesse to any interior design.

Since it has the right thickness and plumpness, it is not only very soft, but also very delicate and warm

It remains plump and firm even after many years of use, owing to the highest quality of finish. The product can be washed as often as needed, and it does not affect its shape in any way. This testifies to the pillow's excellent durability and unlimited resistance to creasing. The product can be washed in 40 degrees.

Among the main advantages of synthetic pillows is the possibility to wash even very often. Another indisputable plus is the fact that they are perfect for allergic people, as they do not cause the slightest allergic reaction.

Soft pillows – the best class of comfort and beauty

Owing to the amazingly intensive red colour of the pillow, any interior surely gains a unique character. While ensuring convenient and comfortable sleep, it is also the perfect decoration. It adds an incredibly elegant and classic touch to your interior, while preventing muscle pain and so making proper rest possible

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