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pillow Medicare


Product code: THK-053832
Product characteristics:
Length: 50 cm
Width: 60 cm
Filling material: 100% kulka poliestrowa Amball 
Filling weight: 450g 
Plating material: 100% poliester 
Type of quilt: zimowa 
Waga: 0.626 kg
Not only for people with allergies

Medicare is a special line of products that ensures the best conditions for sleeping. Soft pillows with special polyester filling are especially recommended for allergy sufferers, because they prevent the development of dust mite and mould. Extremely comfortable and made of microfibre, which is pleasant to the touch, it ensures comfort during sleep.

Sleep comfortably thanks to modern pillows< /b>

The Medicare pillow is perfect for people with allergies, but it can also be used by those who are looking for soft pillows that enhance sleeping comfort. The use of special materials for the pillowcase and filling makes it possible to wash at low temperatures. Both types of material are also known for their anti-allergic capabilities and they also give your skin a much-needed breathing space during sleep. Great for any bedroom. Children will be especially fond of it, as it'll give them the comfort and safety they need during sleep. Its standard dimensions make it fit in perfectly with most bedding sets. Light and functional, it ensures proper softness and temperature in the bedroom throughout the year.

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