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pillow Medicare


Product code: THK-053831
Product characteristics:
Length: 40 cm
Width: 40 cm
Filling material: other 
Filling weight: 250g 
Sheathing material: polyester 
Duvet type: winter 
Waga: 0.306 kg
A product for discerning buyers.

The Medicare pillow is part of a valued and highly useful line of products with both medical and leisure functions. Thanks to modern technologies, it provides perfect thermal insulation and softness on a daily basis. Its Amball® polyester and microfibre filling helps your skin breathe safely during sleep. In addition, this pillow effectively prevents dust from depositing on its surface, which makes it a very good choice for people who suffer from allergies. This product contributes to healthy sleep and increases comfort. Medicare - a product of the future. Medicare is a unique line of products which helps reduce the risk of dust mite development and their allergens. Thanks to its workmanship, the Medicare pillow is useful all year round, regardless of the weather and temperature conditions. Its innovative system of polyester fibres is very effective in responding to the shape and movements of the head. This makes it not only a good pillow for people with allergies, but also for those who suffer from spinal diseases and back pain. During sleep, it also maintains a constant body temperature, which further enhances its health advantages. It's great for the elderly, but also for children and young people.

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