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photo frame

photo frame

Product code: THK-050941
Product characteristics:
Width: 13 cm
Height: 18 cm
Weight: 0.3kg
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Photos are unique keepsakes, extremely important for people. We tend to take many photos in many different occasions, only to place them in a photo album or store in the computer files. Sometimes, however, we would like to have our photos in a visible place, such as a shelf, furniture or a dresser. For this purpose, we need a picture frame to look beautifully together with the photo in it, but also to protect it. Browse the picture frames available in our collection to find the beautiful and tasteful frame you are looking for. Delightfully ornamented The photo frame available in our online store is made of wood, which makes it very stable, strong and solid. Thus you can be sure that it is going to serve you for a long time. The wood used for the frame is styled to have the colour of old silver, bound to appeal to many. In addition, the sculptured photo frame will form a truly unique duet with elegant and stylish silverware. Exceptionally decorative, the frame will be a harmonious and graceful addition to any room. Practical protection The presented picture frame has a beautiful look and underlines the character of pictures, but it is also an excellent protection to them. It is equipped with a glass pane made of thick and strong glass, protecting the photo from damage and fading. The picture frame will stay beautiful for a long time, without any scratches or the photo fading.

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