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The magic of wood
Multi-functionality, reliability and beauty of wood are the reasons why, in spite of ever newer materials, wood remains an unattainable perfection. Its timeless aesthetic values ensure the beauty and durability of tables and chairs from Black Red White.
Advanced technologies
Modern technologies are an essential element of production plants of Black Red White. Automated process of the furniture production allows for maximum efficiency and safety. Thanks to the high-tech machines we achieve above-average accuracy in the overall processing of materials – from cutting the materials to the milling of decorative elements.
The details matter
The beauty is in the details. Precisely finished furniture, fabrics pleasant to the touch and charm of decorative elements will make your interior unique. Check out the wide range of furniture, sofas and accessories from Black Red White and enjoy your selection!
How a sofa is made
Take a peek behind the scenes of the production of upholstered Black Red White furniture. At each stage the modern technology meets here a precise and irreplaceable work of human hands. We strive to make each sofa, corner sofa or an armchair in such a way so it provides the highest comfort of rest.
High gloss furniture
Discover the secrets of the Black Red White varnished furniture production. Thanks to the advanced processes, innovative technology and the highest quality of materials we can offer products that meet the most demanding requirements. We take care of every detail.


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