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moka pot Vella


moka pot
Product code: THK-052324
Product characteristics:
Capacitance: 300ml 
Cloth: stal nierdzewna 
Waga: 0.585 kg
Moka pot – a great way to make aromatic coffee

Owing to this product, brewing coffee rises to the rank of an art, which you can perform in your own home without the necessity of going out to town to your favourite café. Every enthusiast of aromatic coffee will be delighted with this fine accessory, allowing a cup of favourite delicious coffee will be able to appear on his or her table every day, at any time of the day. The moka pot is simply an accessory that should definitely appear in every household with at least one coffee enthusiast. Easy to use, ideal for any type of cooker, and manufactured to the highest standard of top-quality stainless steel, it will make drinking coffee a true pleasure. The product is intended for all types of cookers, including induction cookers.

Ideal for a cup of delicious coffee with friends

This unusual moka pot can be used to brew as much as 300 ml of coffee at one time, coffee that will awaken us to life and provide us with positive energy for the whole day. Coffee brewed in this great accessory tastes like no other, which is why it is good to think right now about the purchase of the moka pot that would help you save the time and money you lose every day during morning visits to cafés! With this exceptional equipment in your home you can also invite your friends to coffee. The aromatic infusion you will serve to them will make them want to visit us often. This extraordinary appliance is also a great idea as a gift for a coffee connoisseur. Every one of them will definitely be delighted with the possibility of brewing their own aromatic coffee in the privacy of their own home as often as they feel like it.

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