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Product code: THK-048205
Product characteristics:
Cloth: tworzywo sztuczne 
Waga: 0.048 kg
A food measure - indispensable for every cook

Food preparation is not a secret knowledge. It requires no special skills although it is worth mentioning that a trained eye is the key to success, especially in seasoning dishes and adding exact amounts of necessary ingredients. If someone can't judge measures just by looking, then he should equip yourself with the right accessories. A measure is a useful tool by which you can measure how much of individual ingredients or spices to add. Set includes 6 measures of different sizes. Such little items become an ally of everybody who desires to give the cooking art a shot. Set of spice measures - a cook's ally. Each set includes 6 scoops with measurements of 125 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml, 15 ml (tablespoon) and 5 ml (teaspoon). The measures are made of plastic. They are lightweight and easy to clean. They are designed so that they fit well one into another, so a problem of storage is solved. They take up very little space.

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